ECM Services

ECM Services

The new European regulation (European regulation 445/2011/EC published in May 2011) defined a mandatory system for certifying "Entities in Charge of Maintenance" (ECM), in order to ensure that freight wagons move around throughout Europe in total safety and that they are correctly maintained: in May 2013, all ECMs must be certified in accordance with this regulation. Wagon keepers can either become certified ECMs or sub-contract the maintenance activity for its wagons to another certified ECM. 

Touax is a certified Entity in Charge of Maintenance ( ECM ) since December 2011.

Touax is the ECM of its wagons, but also the ECM of other wagon keeper. Indeed Touax offers dedicated ECM solutions to any wagon owner or keeper that has decided to invest in such a constraining activity. Subcontracting your ECM responsibility frees you from maintenance related issues to allow you to focus more on your core business.

As ECM, our team ensures that, through our system of maintenance, each of our wagons is safe to run on the main railway lines. Our Management system of maintenance is defined to ensure our wagons are followed in accordance with VPI Maintenance rules.

Our ECM database provides accesses to sufficient information and history for analysis requirement by Touax Technical department in order to define the specific maintenance plan to each wagon.