Rail Networking

Rail Networking

TOUAX’s team participates actively in working groups, specifically axles management regulations and GCU text improvements.

Being part of following rail industry associations in Europe, we fulfill new regulations required in advance and position TOUAX Rail as a leader in the Rail Leasing Industry now and tomorrow.

·         The International Union of Private Railcar Owners (UIP) - www.uiprail.org

·         The International Union of Railways (UIC) - www.uic.asso.fr

·         European Railway Agency - www.era.europa.eu

·         General Contract of Use for Wagons - www.gcubureau.org

·         European Rail Freight Association (ERFA)- www.erfa.be

·         BeWag (Belgium association) – www.bewag.be

·         Assoferr (Italian association) - www.assoferr.org

·         AFWP (French association) - www.afwp.asso.fr

·         VPI (German Wagon Association) - www.vpihamburg.de

·         MVMSZ (Hungarian Wagon Association) - www.mvmsz.hu

·         VAP (Swiss Wagon Association)  - www.cargorail.ch

·         RFG (Rail Freight Group)  -  www.rfg.org.uk