The Touax advantage is that being a certified Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) recognises our know-how in technical management and railcar maintenance. To provide our customers with safe and reliable railcars is crucial. We believe that it is our responsibility to offer the best technical service possible.

Our Technical Assistance Team ensures that the railcars are serviced thoroughly and quickly.  We work together with over 70 workshops throughout Europe, which provide a wide variety of technical services:

-          railcar day-to-day maintenance (inspection, lubrication, replacement or replenishing of car accessories without the railcars being taken out of service)

-          railcar emergency repairs

-          periodic, scheduled railcar revisions for which the time and scope are specified under railway or industry regulations


Spare-parts management is centralised by our Logistics team in Paris to achieve a fast realisation of repair and revision, while ensuring a high turnover of stocks to allow competiveness.